Wednesday, 9 November 2011

DSD weekend

Well it has been digital scrap booking day this weekend and Paper Capers Designs had some exciting additions. Right now she has a wonderful word art sale too- these are only $1
 so here area few layouts I have done

they are all of the remember when format- just looking at the page brings so many memories back to me- I think that when I am the same age as my Mum I will have one of those calendar pads that you pop digital images on and i can just sit looking at them and remembering when.

 I know lots of people will say scrapbooking is for your ancestors but mine isnt it is for me
 and most arent even printed- one day i will get round to making a book of the digital layouts and hybrid wise I have got to 1977 LOL
lets see if I can get back in here to post some more things without such a long gap TTFN

Journaling challenge

I am taking part in a journaling challenge and one of the steps is to post the layout to your blog- well i havent been in here for a couple of weeks so I had better get a move on!!!!!
is the challenge
and this is what I did
the challenge was about  this monts traditions, and for many that will be thanksgiving, but really the next traditions moment for us is Christmas. Mind you many will be setting up there christmas decorations very soon, but for us it tends to be much later only a few days before christmas.

This challenge is at Go Digital and I have entered their Supreme Team Challenge too.
This was my round one layout, just found out we all got into round two so looking out for the next challenge
I am rather enjoying the progressive scraps this site do too
Step 1 was a placement of papers and step 2 was to work on the edges of a photo
I used the photo I have of my college friends and I at Aysgarth Falls, taken in 1977
there are several more steps to this challenge and I will try to add as I go.