Wednesday, 28 December 2011

28th December

Well, i would be no use as a daily blogger would I. Two weeks since I last checked in and then i couldnt remember my password and had to go through doing a new one which no doubt I will forget before I come in next time.
so a sample of what i have been doing over the last couple of weeks.

Little Garden by Maria Designs
the chain around the green paper doesnt come with the kit but is an photo stroke in DIP9
font Harrington
this was done using the same kit and the matching alphas for the kit, and has become one of my favourite layouts
Ryan's Ride by Studio4 Designworks
this uses the above kit and a fantastic template by scrappy cocoa from her Templatation Framed set
I am working on doing some layouts of the boys, as you can see so have been choosing my kits accordingly
this one uses Lemon Fresh by Scrap n Sassy and one of her Spring Jump Starter templates, the word art is by Bethany
this uses the same kit- as does the next one which also uses the alphas that go with the kit
Well i will finish with the one I did of Richard just after Christmas

fonts OCRB and Segoe Print
Template is Genia Beana scraps lotsofspace 1 template
Kit used is Ryan's Ride by Studio 4 Designworks

I have been doing PSE8 lessons, for a while now I have been using that programme but having to swap back to DIP9 for the text and other bits. This layout was done in PSE8 only and I was able to fill in the text n a pre defined area, i found it shadowed looked floaty so I was able to change the opacity of the shadow, the angle and width of it to make it look just right- as well as being able to choose a colour from the layout for the text colour- so yeah i am proud of this one!!

Knowing me I wont be back in until next year so will take this opportunity to wish you all
Happy New Year

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

More layouts

Well I have got behind again, I have been so busy doing layouts I have forgotten to up date my blog
so let's see if I can play catch up.
Uh oh I have done 10 layouts since my last post go to
to see them all- I have also started an album of winter layouts to make into a book

I will pick my favourite few to tell you about today
this is my favourite by far- I adore flowers and so chose this greous kit by Rossi Design as one of my free choice kits to work with- I have done two other layouts with it as well. I used Helena Joles torn paper template, and used a paper i had created from one of the backing papers in the kit and a flower photo of mine to fill the template. I then chose my fabvourite elements from the kit to layer in front of and behind the papers with one of my favourite flower photos- i am sure you can guess that yellow is my favourite colour!

this is the only photo of us three at primary school, the story is told in the journaling. I just love this school set by  Studio 4 Designworks, the kit is called school daze and the whole cluster on top of the photo is a cluster frame from her page starter clusters.
Next up is kits by Booland Designs who is a new designer to GDS . I just love her things and her blog had quite a few freebies on it too. I signed up to her newsletter too and have some things from her poppy kit I want to work with.
these are clustered frames and a kit too- from  her christmas on Ice collection. She does loads of packs of papers, a kit, cluster frames, borders and all sorts

on her blog was a freebie from what is going to be her next kit and using a paper from the above kit and one paper freebie and freebie cluster oh and about three elements from the above kit I made this page
 to finish with I will show another layout I did which I like and might even do as a christmas card next year- I think the photo of the christmas tree decoration would look great with a filter added to it to make it more picture like. Its a fun cluster from the christmas on ?Ice collection- the word art was n one line Merry Christmas but i used two of it, hiding the bits i didnt want behind papers and off screen to make a great two line selection

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Cards

Robbie and I will write our cards this weekend, he gave me a long list of schoolfriends he wants to give cards to.
Online friends are easier-I do a digital card and then load it in the gallery and send as an e card.

I used Precepts and Promises Christmas Card Template and Sugar Plum kit for this card- I did a New Year one too, but well its not New Year yet!
So may I take the opportunity of wishing you an early Happy Christmas
The beauty of these cards is you can just use the card as it is and fill in papers like i did or you could add your own embellishments or family photos etc

My next assignment was to use a Christmas Bargain Bin by Out of the Box Designs. I decided to do a collage all around a particular memory to do with the carol O little Town of Bethlehem- there were lots of items in this kit Watercolour Christmas that fitted in and I just love the torn paper blocks.

This bundle has 5 kits in it and i did another layout using items from three of the other kits

well here comes a VERY special layout.the title of the kit was Live Fully and there was some word art about enjoying the moment. There was a time in our lives when we really had to enjoy the moments- some of them were quite rare due to my son's chronic illness, and each one was cherished. This photo is of Robbie when he was actually well- he still sported the rash on his cheek caused by the pads that held his NG tubes when he wasnt well,

The story behind the picture is that Richard was entering the fancy dress competition and he desperately wanted Robbie to take part too-so Robbie wore blue clothes and had Little Boy Blue title tapped to his buggy!!  Having a brother who at times was dangerously ill was pretty hard for a 4 year old boy and every opportunity we had to live a "normal" life we had to for Richard's sake. 

there are plenty of elements in this kit for a girly layout too

The mouse on my computer broke yesterday so I am doing this using the pad on the laptop- its driving me crazy- so much easier to use a mouse!!
Well last layout for now coming up and again this is a very special one

I was going to use the format I had of a layout of my niece- but as i got going with the layout i realised the small picture at the top lent itself to become a "mobile" with some of the cute elements dangling below it- i strung the washing line across the top and ended up with quite a cute format. I fancy flipping the image next so the left hand side and the bottom have all the elements for my next layout.
David and I married later than most and at one point I doubted whether I would ever get married and become a Mum, so this kit  Mommy loves you, made for Mums, meant it just had to be a layout of my son who was also Grandpas, first grandchild and my parents first grandson.

and this one uses Mommy Loves you by Rossi Designs, a kit crammed full of goodies

Well that is me finished for today, hope you have enjoyed looking at my layouts

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Challenges at GDS

My friend Rose told me about the supreme challenge at GDS, and I went to the site to have a look. I joined as a member at the end of October and got the welcome kit
this was the first layout I did there using the free welcome kit and a template by Kim Broedelet
i posted some of my layouts I had done with kits from other sites and I got comments and encouragement, so i decided to stay.
I had a go at the photography challenge which was to show something taken from a different angle- the rooftop view across to the cathedral and castle at Durham was an obvious choice
Then at the very last minute I decided to have a go at the Supreme Team Challenge- I reasoned with myself that I didnt have much chance of getting far with it but at least there would be a free kit to work with and keep each time, little did i know at the time I would actually get to the end and become a team member!!
Each challenge lasted a week and so in between I cast around for something else to do. Here are the challenges I had a go at.
For the progressive scrap i had to use the welcome kit as at that point that was the only GDS kit I had, I did have to add a few bits from my stash at the end to finish it. You will see its me at Aysgarth Falls- a place I love and have been visiting for over 40 years

I had a visit to the specials section of the shop and spent $5 on some of Verena Karoli's things
for this challenge it had to be something about a holiday or tradition, so I did Christmas- I have very few christmas photos but i had taken this one a couple of christmas's ago of the decorated corner- so the blue paper disguises the tv table and so on . we always hang our cards on the stairs- out of the way and not likely to blow off the mantelpiece and into the fire or get wet from condensation on the windowsills.

I really like Verenas Frosty Winter Fun Addon kit- dont you think the stapled turned down paper is fantastic, and i love the one I used at the top too. this kit has also been used for Robbies Toddler Christmas layout and one of the cards I have done for New Year(no I havent shown you that yet that will be on the next post)

I also bought Earth Inspired and some cluster frames and used them for this layout.
After I had done the progressive scrap about Aysgarth I started to think of all the different times I had been there so did this layout.
Aysgarth features again in the next progressive scrap too. This time I had Thankful Created by Jill, which was the kit for round one of the supreme challenge
I am the one on the right and this photo was taken in 1977, and was in my hybrid scrapbook- so I just photographed the page and cut the photo out. 
Let me see if i can find a  photo of Aysgarth to finish this off

GDS layouts with GDS Dec collab-I believe

Well I have got into the swing of this now. Its rather lovely having kits to create with. Once I have done my layout to post into the different places I must admit I like to settle down and have a good look through the kit and do some more layouts. In this fabulous gds collab kit there are two lovely templates. I used one to do a layout of Robbie at Christmas when he was a toddler and then used Verenas Frosty Addon kit for the other one for a layout of my niece when she was a toddler, also at christmas time

Friday, 2 December 2011

Go DigitalScrapping

Well i took part in the Go digital Supreme team Challenge, where we were given a kit to showcase, and so many were chosen to go onto the next round and so on. Amazingly I got through every round and am now a member of the Supreme Team! I am feeling rather guilty as I was asked for my blog address and I knew I hadnt added anything for a while, so thought I had better catch up a little.
When I was looking through this kit i noticed this gorgeous textured paper and did the whole layout around it, the kit is about unconditional love, so it was obvious it was this photo which is the only recent one /I have of the tree people I love the most. The elements I like the most were the lovely light blue ribbon, the brad with unconditional love on it and the gorgeous green broad leaf. The double hearts although pink was just what was needed to pull the colours of the main paper, the elements and the photo together. I think this has become one of my favourite layouts

Well I was pleased bu rather surprised to make it to round three- the competition was really awesome. When I saw the kit for round three my heart sank as it looked a bit like an extraction based fantasy kit- but well I have faced tougher challenges in my life so I took and deep breath AND---
did a slideshow of all the elements and papers in the kit. I was particularly taken by one paper that had a cluster of faded flowers and elements along the edge so decided to start with that. There was a beautiful floral frame and a chunky one and so  put those in place. The elements included quite a few vintage ones so the photo fo my Grandma as a young lady sprang into mind. After that I added another paper behind and moved the things up and well the rest just fell into place. One of the criteria on which we were judged was uniqueness and creativity and I reckon mind was pretty different to everyone elses so that fit the unique requirement!! This kit was Steampunk Dreams by Outside the box Design Studio. I have to admit I havent a clue what steam punk is so I just carried on regardless and did my own thing. I have to say I think the elements in this kit are fantastic, and theopen book was a must use. I got to thinking how my Mum's past is very fresh in her mind and how Richard is thinking of his future and so the "journaling/quote" came easily.

Well when i got to round 4 I started to be extremely nervous of actually becoming a creative team member. When i had been on other Cts before I found the links and all that kind of thing hard to do and was a bit worried about it. However when I saw the round 4 kit it was very easy to do a layout as it was my kind of kit- i just loved it. Not too many papers or elements so fairly easy to showcase

I adored the blue  patterned paper  and the round frame and stitching. as I did the g=frame I realised that the layout quite looked like the bit on the front of films- you know where you get a lion roaring or someone banging a gong, as i finished and put the stitching around i felt it was missing something- I tried just three brads on one side but it didnt look right so ended up putting them on all 4 sides. Living in rural North Yorkshire in the Uk it is fairly easy for me to find Autumn photos, however this is an old one but one of my favourites. I got the date wrong though it should have been 2006 and as we werent allowed to take things out and edit once in the gallery it had to stay.  On a frosty day the reflections on the lake at the end of our lane are exceptional and with a little frost still on the ground this was a photo full of the contrasts of the season.

I loved this kit so much I did another layout whilst I was waiting for the results.

The final results were published in the middle of the night our time, i woke up around the right time so couldnt resist going down stairs to put the computer on and look- yep  I had made it and was now a supreme team member.
yesterday i downloaded the first "assignment" which was this lovely Collab kit
I have spent the morning playing with my ideas, i knew i was going to do a non photo layout so i could use quite a few of the elements. Yesterday I had been asked if i was already for Christmas and it got me thinking about how many people seem to panic and almost lose the feel of christmas in the process. We have started to do a few things- this list isnt written down but is just there. David collected some wood from the fields a couple of days a go nd sawed it up and its drying now ready for the open fires we associate with the chirstmas holidays. Robbie has chosen his presents and they have been ordered and are in a box beneath the spare bed. Richard has phoned with a couple of his ideas and they are on the way. Grandpa is sorted, the two that probably arent are David and I. we will both think fo some things and they can be found nearer the time. 

I have posted the layout in three galleries and then had to collate links and things which is the bit I found hard. However i am eternally glad that another member of the team had done her layout with this kit and so i went and looked at how she had done her links etc and although i had to have a few attempts i managed to get everything done correctly. No doubt i will get quicker as time goes on.