Wednesday, 28 December 2011

28th December

Well, i would be no use as a daily blogger would I. Two weeks since I last checked in and then i couldnt remember my password and had to go through doing a new one which no doubt I will forget before I come in next time.
so a sample of what i have been doing over the last couple of weeks.

Little Garden by Maria Designs
the chain around the green paper doesnt come with the kit but is an photo stroke in DIP9
font Harrington
this was done using the same kit and the matching alphas for the kit, and has become one of my favourite layouts
Ryan's Ride by Studio4 Designworks
this uses the above kit and a fantastic template by scrappy cocoa from her Templatation Framed set
I am working on doing some layouts of the boys, as you can see so have been choosing my kits accordingly
this one uses Lemon Fresh by Scrap n Sassy and one of her Spring Jump Starter templates, the word art is by Bethany
this uses the same kit- as does the next one which also uses the alphas that go with the kit
Well i will finish with the one I did of Richard just after Christmas

fonts OCRB and Segoe Print
Template is Genia Beana scraps lotsofspace 1 template
Kit used is Ryan's Ride by Studio 4 Designworks

I have been doing PSE8 lessons, for a while now I have been using that programme but having to swap back to DIP9 for the text and other bits. This layout was done in PSE8 only and I was able to fill in the text n a pre defined area, i found it shadowed looked floaty so I was able to change the opacity of the shadow, the angle and width of it to make it look just right- as well as being able to choose a colour from the layout for the text colour- so yeah i am proud of this one!!

Knowing me I wont be back in until next year so will take this opportunity to wish you all
Happy New Year

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