Sunday, 4 December 2011

Challenges at GDS

My friend Rose told me about the supreme challenge at GDS, and I went to the site to have a look. I joined as a member at the end of October and got the welcome kit
this was the first layout I did there using the free welcome kit and a template by Kim Broedelet
i posted some of my layouts I had done with kits from other sites and I got comments and encouragement, so i decided to stay.
I had a go at the photography challenge which was to show something taken from a different angle- the rooftop view across to the cathedral and castle at Durham was an obvious choice
Then at the very last minute I decided to have a go at the Supreme Team Challenge- I reasoned with myself that I didnt have much chance of getting far with it but at least there would be a free kit to work with and keep each time, little did i know at the time I would actually get to the end and become a team member!!
Each challenge lasted a week and so in between I cast around for something else to do. Here are the challenges I had a go at.
For the progressive scrap i had to use the welcome kit as at that point that was the only GDS kit I had, I did have to add a few bits from my stash at the end to finish it. You will see its me at Aysgarth Falls- a place I love and have been visiting for over 40 years

I had a visit to the specials section of the shop and spent $5 on some of Verena Karoli's things
for this challenge it had to be something about a holiday or tradition, so I did Christmas- I have very few christmas photos but i had taken this one a couple of christmas's ago of the decorated corner- so the blue paper disguises the tv table and so on . we always hang our cards on the stairs- out of the way and not likely to blow off the mantelpiece and into the fire or get wet from condensation on the windowsills.

I really like Verenas Frosty Winter Fun Addon kit- dont you think the stapled turned down paper is fantastic, and i love the one I used at the top too. this kit has also been used for Robbies Toddler Christmas layout and one of the cards I have done for New Year(no I havent shown you that yet that will be on the next post)

I also bought Earth Inspired and some cluster frames and used them for this layout.
After I had done the progressive scrap about Aysgarth I started to think of all the different times I had been there so did this layout.
Aysgarth features again in the next progressive scrap too. This time I had Thankful Created by Jill, which was the kit for round one of the supreme challenge
I am the one on the right and this photo was taken in 1977, and was in my hybrid scrapbook- so I just photographed the page and cut the photo out. 
Let me see if i can find a  photo of Aysgarth to finish this off

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