Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Timeless Bundle by A-Manda Creations

Well I really have had fun with this bundle. It contains a page kit, some cluster frames, Alpha, Bragbook, Quickpages and some fantastic Word Titles which is the reason I went for this kit

This is my first page, i love the lace mat, and the clustered frame from the bundle

There are a large selection of papers in the kit, lots of floral ones but I decided to use these two checked ones as the colours fitted with my nieces clothing. The word title came with clusters of flowers on it
and i simply add the left hand bird that I think is super cute. Then I decided to not cluster around the photo so added the clock and some other elements and one more bird to the word title to be the clustered part of the page.

There is soooo much in this pack that I decided I must use one of the ready made pages, I chose the quick page, there is another one and some brag pages in the pack too

This kit makes me think of my Grandparents, they had lots of furnishings and cushions and so on that were like some of the papers, so I chose a photo I have of my Mum and her brother, taken in the back garden during the war. The Eternity wordart was ideal for this page
these layouts are all in my gallery at The Studio

Friday, 15 June 2012

Holiday Layouts

Well I decided I had better get on with some holiday layouts- this beautiful kit by Flower Scraps was ideal.
Robbie loves going on the beach when we first arrive on  holiday, this time he wanted to skim stones and make splashes and then do a bit of digging. David and I had taken a pair of binoculars so we could birdwatch too.
On the first day we went down to Hunmanby-it is an isolated beach with cafe and toilets and lots of open sand and sea- what more could you want!

and here is the beautiful kit I used

I have another seaside kit to work with so hopefully will be able to get another couple of layouts done
will be back with them later

Well this next kit lent itself to some onther photos I had- one set being of the geese on the lake and the other being a spring photo taken at the beach on a very cold and windy day

Monday, 4 June 2012

The Studio CT

Well this is my first kit that I am working with. i thought it looked good for heritage layouts, I have been doing some research into my family tree, and have a few photos of ancestors. Starting off with my DAD
I estimated the date for the layout as this was taken just before he started at a Private Nursery School.
I scanned in the original photo and then cropped it for putting in the frame
There is also an Add On kit which I have used for the next layout. This one shows my father in uniform at his training camp in World War 11
I have some templates to work with too so will be back later to post those

Sunday, 3 June 2012

June already

Well as usual I haven.t kept up to my blog, and yes i forgot my password and had to change it AGAIN!!
well today i have some news
When I got back from holiday there was an invitation to join a CT, so I am the newbie on The Studio CT, my other CT's at the moment are BooLand Designs and Studio4 Designworks who are both at The Studio so that makes it nice and easy for me
Have spent ages uploading new layouts so thought I would bob on here and let you see them

this kit is gorgeous and was so easy to use, loved making the cluster of flower, leaves and elements around the photo

BooLand Designs has a set of Bundled Retirement kits, in the shop with more to come- 5 kits for $5 is a very good bundle deal
really like how this layout turned out, used the word art that is not part of the bundle from blue skies and sunshine to do the word art. I really like the cute frog  upturned the yellow bucket for his "throne"

Bundle 2

the rainy day and sundays one would be just right for todays weather!!
I like this layout I did with Sweet Calli, just look at the cute wedding couple figures and the page colours fits well with my yellow flowers
there are lots of other layouts so the link to my gallery at The Studio is

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New kit in the shop today

Springs Promise by BooLand Designs
this is the link to my gallery at The Studio so you can go see the other layouts I have done with this kit, but the one I am going to use today to show case this kit is one of my young son Robbie. This photo was taken before he started at his nursery school.
The kit used is BooLand Designs Spring Promise, which I noticed was on a very special offer rate in the shop today

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

BooLand Designs New kits and my layouts

Well I have got behind as usual so lots to tell you about today
Spring Breeze was the second kit I worked with
as ever there are some gorgeous freebies on her blog and in her newsletter.
This kit was quickly followed by Spring Bride

I must admit I do rather like having ready made things where you can quickly make a page with clusters and stacked papers. These are gorgeous and also from Spring Bride

the fourth kit was Springs Hope
and i couldnt resist using this for my favourite spring flower photo
the link takes you to the layout and you can see the other lovely layouts done by the rest of the team.

I am nearly up to date

continuing the spring series theme, Springs Desire was released at the weekend and according to her newsletter this is BooLands favourite- it is mine (for now there are lots of lovely things coming)
so sit make and enjoy as I have a few things to show you from this set.
As ever there are some gorgeous birds and animals in this kit, and that little frog prince has appeared on most of my layouts. 
this one was made using a template by Scrappy Cocoa, just love the wavy papers and journaling space.
The newsletter freebies were stunning and I got carried away, here come some more layouts using those freebies
The photos were taken in March 2009 before Richard went off to University.
I just used  the gate and frame cluster and the flower cluster twice onto the gate cluster, i love doing layouts were the photo really stands out and takes centre stage. This photo conjures up so very many happy memories which i hope will live with me for ever.
The next layout is also Richard on a photo shoot- this time he is out with his Dad having a silly half hour with their cameras in the garden. Richard hated having his photo taken so David was sneakily taking a picture of him when he was spotted and the camera was turned on him- again gorgeous memories now preserved for ever.
this one was done for the template challenge on The Studio and uses a template by Scrappy Cocoa

There will be lots more soon, I have already prepared two more sets of layouts using the next two kits one of which will be released tomorrow and one on ~Saturday.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Mix and Match

Working on CT's you tend to do a layout using just one kit, and so I like to do some layouts with elements etc from a few kits. This is especially true when you have photos that dont always fit a category. Like our wedding which was white and yellow.
BooLand Designs has so many kits it was quite easy to do some mixing and matching for these layouts
The first layout is about Timothy, my page boy
and the second is about Rachel one of my bridesmaids
The bridemaid dresses were made by a friend Anne Paraskeva, she worked at the same school as I did.
She then made the sashes and the boys ties and the girls headbands in my favourite colour- yellow.
The kits used for these layouts are all by Booland Designs

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Spring Blossom Page Kit

This is my very first layout as a member of Booland Designs Ct- the Booland Blossoms.
When I looked at the kit the parasol and the bird really appealed to me, the colours of the kit reminded me of my birthday flowers, so this is what I did. The green leaves aren't separate but are a collection of single leaves and fitted beautifully under everything to give just the right hint of green. I love the cotton reel, the ideal perching place for the bird.
I will show you the page sprays as well because I just love them,
they can all be bought as singles if you just fancy one to try out.

I will enjoy working with this kit to see if  I can make a page spray and cluster myself.

Richard is coming home from Uni tomorrow to spend Easter Day with us it will be great to see him, so I guess there wont be much of a scrapping opportunity tomorrow!

Happy Easter everyone


Making Memories

This layoutt has been done because I really loved the page spray!!! sounds crazy I know but I am slowly building up a stock of layouts which just may one day be made into a photobook. This photo book is destined for my old age, to sit beside my book and reading glasses. Just opening the pages will transport me back in time to my world of memories. Obviously the pictures are those memories but in this layout it is the elements and the digiscrapping which will be the memory. This week I became a Booland Blossom, ie a member of the CT and very soon there will be my layouts with her beautiful kits decorating the gallery at The Studio. After my birthday I used some of the money to buy a  gift card at GDS and then some to spend at The Studio and most of it went on Booland Designs items. I adore collecting together little bits I love and growing a page with them just for the sake of making the page. I am a big fan of the page sprays and this is central to this layout.
Don't you think the bug lady/gnome/little person is fantastic, and look at the cluster all around it
Boo has a VERY generous stock of freebies on her blog and in her newsletter and I used the little journaling cluster as a repeated element. I used a clustered frame, hiding one of the photo frames with the little lady cluster. The photo is of early summer in our garden, with a filter attached to the photo to give an artistic feel.
I am a fan of Elegant wordart by Bethany and this wordart really gave the meaning behind the doing of the layout, I clipped a paper to it and added shadow. #Once the layout was done I felt it needed something else and I remembered making a"frame" to sit behind a paper when I did a layout using Boo's Winters Keep, so I just filled the papers behind it from the Cherish paper pack also by Boo.
The only thing missing was a stitching border so I used one from Expressions of Love by Holly Ann.

The next thing I am going to work on is building up clusters and page sprays myself as I think they are a wonderful addition to a layout.

This was another layout I did using a ready made cluster freebie and a paper from the Cherish kit, with wordart again from Bethany

Friday, 6 April 2012

Rouge Red Kit by Christine

this beautiful kit is new to the GDS store today
the elements are large size and absolutely gorgeous to use
this is my first layout, more will follow as I really like this kit. This is my niece Hannah taken about 20 years ago.
I adored the bow in the kit and wanted to show case it as well as David's lovely RED tulip picture. I toiught the little ladybirds at the bottom of the layout was cute too- so I ended up using a clean and simple style- Wow I am even getting the jargon now! I used a layout stle I had used before(on purpose) as Christine may well do several of these "colour" kits and I would like a flower photo for each.

The previous kit was Orange and I did this layout

there have been some beautiful layouts done with this kit by other CT members, you can see them at this link

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

April already

I did this layout using Les Idees de Christines sections of the April CSD mega kit. It brings back so very many memories of my time as a child in the 50s and 60s. Make Do and Mend was definately the name of the game- you only got rid of your clothing by growing out of it and then it was passed to your smaller siblings or used for rags or making bags or whatever. We had a knitting machine and all our jumpers as teenagers were made on that. As we got older some of our clothes were bought but as young children they were made by Mum. I remember making pink gingham dirndal skirts at secondary school-we had to embroider snake stitch all around them- they had long hems and as we grew they were let down and ric rac was fastened on the faded part!! School pleated skirts were bought and doubled as guide uniform skirts and were worn to church with a nice jumper. Our sewing machine was an old fashioned tredle machine and I remember having to thread the needle and pop in the spools for Mum.

Its hard to think we have already had a quarter of the year. Things are moving on in the garden with lots of bulbs and spring bedding flourishing. Some of the tete a tete daffodils have finished!. The garden is progressing- the weekend was the time to dismantle the trampoline that is no longer used and move the final shed in readiness for the erecting of the second greenhouse ready for growing on bedding plants and then for use for tomatoes and salad crops. The rabbits have discovered the outside garden now so all seedlings are having to be covered with netting. The early potatoes in containers are flourishing and David put 4 rows of early potatoes into the potato bed as well.

This was done using the parts of the GDS Live your dream Collab done by Les idees de Christine.
The figures remind me of the willow tree figures I have.

When I was scanning in some photos i found this one, I am using it for the progressive challenge at The studio
this is the second day, with still lots to come
The photo was chosen cos of our smiles, but it got me  thinking about living your life to the full.
This photo was taken on my parents 40th wedding anniversary. At that time my brother(next to my Mum) was un married and David and I had only been married 4 months, my twin sister wasnt there as she lived in Scotland and couldnt get down with a small baby- the first grandchild. Ten years on would have been their golden wedding day and wouldnt that have been a changed photo!!! Sadly my Dad had died a couple of months before the date. My brother had married and the number of grandchildren went from 1 to 9!.
Such alot happened to us in those 10 years, so I am really thankful that my Uncle got us all to smile for this photo. The photo was taken in our first home, we now live in our 7th home where we have lived for 15 years.

The Studio are celebrating their Anniversary and on 1st April they had a scrapathon, I managed to join for one of the slots and did this layout using Shelley Marie Scraps Country Summer.

At GDS I am running the shape challenge for the second month- last month 18 people took part, here is the link to this months challenge- which is a bit different from last months

Well that was quite a chatty blog post with lots of memories

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Epic Easter

Darlene has a lovely Easter kit up in her store today, so I have done this layout and card with it.

available here

Scrapping some of my newly scanned photos

well this one is guaranteed to make you smile or go aaaahhhh
This is Robbie in about 1996 in his "school uniform"". He did two days a week at  The Dales School Nursery where lessons included intensive speech therapy, physio theraphy, hydrotherapy and occupational therapy as well as all the usual pre school skills.
This is such a quick and easy layout style to do- I loved it- just a bought stacked paper, a bought cluster, fill a mask with the photo and pop on a bit of journaling and the end result is just how I like things done. This doesnt have to be artsy or full of meaninglful journaling because one glance at this takes me back to how it was in 1996 and just how far we have come in so many ways since then.

I hope everyone was as lucky as I was in my twenties and thirties. My grandparents had died but Bill and Clarry became close friends and took me under their wing. They taught me about kindness, patience, acceptance of others and were a joy to be around. I would go round after work and watch Countdown with them, if I wanted I could join them for tea. Clarry made a lovely scrambled egg on toast with grated cheese and tomatoes added- really filling. They were a remarkable couple and were such a fantastic team.

This layout was so easy to do, cherish so aptly named was the kit I used for this layout, with a cluster frame freebie and some word art added and it was done

this is the last one for today- when looking at my old photos I found one taken by my Mum 35 years ago, ont the day my twin sister and I got our first cars- mine is the little white one a Fiat 126, Saron got a Fiat 127 as she worked at a boarding school in Scotland and had to travel along way. My brother had a green mini and my younger sister had her bike which she rode around Warwick where she was at physiotherapy college.
this one is very much a journaling layout to tell the why, when and where behind the photo.