Tuesday, 31 January 2012

end of the month already

well its the end of the month already and  as usual I havent posted for a while
so let me see if/I can do some catching up
Christine had a new kit in the shop at the end of last week, the CT did some fabulous layouts
which can be seen on the above link
these are the two I did
I think its a great kit and real value for money

I found out on Saturday that I had been accepted for another CT
i am really looking forward to working with Darlene's kits
here I one or two I have done with her kits in the past

both done using Ryan's Ride

The other main layouts are the double page showing the layouts I have done this month.
They are made using a double page layout by Andrea Gold

and i havent got the technology to put them together
the links take you to my gallery to see the double page and then to an album so you can look at each individual layout on the page.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tuesday 17th January

Just dashing in to update this, before Robbie arrives home from school.

These three are my latest using Christines Winter garden. The top one uses the kit only and the bottom two use clustrere frames with papers from Winter Garden

I have been also doing some Quick Pages, just love these ones by  Rossi Designs

all of these are posted in my gallery at GDS

okay must fly 

Friday, 13 January 2012

The Secret Garden

Saturday 14th January

Well this photo shows what we have been doing over the last few days- ~David has to take all his holiday by 31st Janaury so he has had a couple of days off and as the weather was clear we decided to get on with the next stage of the garden. As I look at the photo I know all the back breaking hard work on that plot is over now- now comes the fun bit- getting the beds ready and then planting up when the weather is less harsh .I so look forward to taking a photo in the same position in 4 months and 6 months and 8 months.
Meanwhile work hasnt stopped- at the right hand side of the photo we unearthed the old cold frame. so far we have cleared above ground level- now comes the hardwork of clearing out all the roots. This area is to be this years potato crop.

Thursday 12th January
Through the door at the bottom of the garden you can go through into a very large garden which was originally the kitchen garden for the old hall. Several years ago we tried to cultivate it, but the brambles and nettles beat us and it gradually became completely over run. The septic tanks and fuel tanks are through there so we had to keep it clear a little. Last year we had a g at reclaiming just enough to set up bird feeders. Well we ended up doing far more than that. i havent long to do this blog as I am needed out there to hold wire nettting for fencing off the next area.

This is the beginning of the story

Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Techniques-Progressive Challenge

I have been taking part in a few of the challenges at GDS. Today I have been working on the progreesve scrap. Each week we get another step to do, we have no idea what the next steps will be so have to make sure we leave space for whatever might be coming.
posting the link in case you fancy having a go.

Step One:
1. This month you'll need to find 2 winter theme pages. The top should be a light colour with a delicate pattern and should take up 3/4 of the page, leaving a 1/4 for the bottom paper to show on either top, bottom, left or right. The bottom paper should be a darker paper with or without a light pattern to it.

I used 2 papers from Chill in the Air Created by Jill, a GDS Designer.
Step 2. 
2. Find 2 photos you want to use. One you will blend into the top paper, the other you'll frame and place on the top paper anywhere along the edge overlapping the bottom paper. You can center the photo so there are equal amounts covering both papers, or you can offset the photo. 

It has taken me a while to do this- I didnt want it to just be the shape of the photo, soften and so on I wanted to make it look as though I had used a mask.
i also wanted it to really blend so it was hard to know which was photo and which was paper. The paper has the snow on it so the bits that dont are the photo. the second photo in the frame is a similar one taken a bit further along and lets you see what i have "taken " out" of the photo. it will be another week before I get step 3 but will try and add it onto here,

New CT

I am on the ct at GDS I think for a 4 month term,but have just been asked to join another CT.
I am just getting started with her things and will show you one or two things I have done. christine and quite a few of the CT are french, so communication is proving interesting. Its 40 years since I learned any french. I am using the Google translate but it doesnt always come out as it should-
Christines kit contain handpainted items which are truly gorgeous.
I did this layout for Day 9 using Christines Daily download and a photo of my great grandmother.
i also used elements from Jardin d'hiver
there are lots of different colour sets in this lovely kit. Christine has also done a lovely cluster set that goes with this kit

For Day 10 I also used a kit by Christine- its a gorgeous one called Lapin Bleu and I love the contrasting orange elements.
the flower arrangement is one i bought for my mum a couple of christmases ago, it is stored at our house in the summer and then goes back to Mums place for the winter. I felt the colours fitted well with the kit

Day 11 saw me using Innocence another kit by Christine. I did a layout of my eldest when he was a baby

More January layouts

For day 6 
i used andrea Gold's Snow fun. a kit I had won on a forum challenge in December. This is a skiing photo, my borther and i went skiing together and this was us in our ski class. I had been skiing with school a couple of times but that had been a couple of years earlier.
For Day 7 i got yo work with booland ~Designs  Purple Haze. she does some lovely kits and has great newsletter and blog freebies, usually cluster frames which are great to use. I just used the page kit for this one


when posting at DSt I often come across things done by others with templates which is where I found the template by Tinci for this one
the kit i chose to use for this one is Outdoor Feelings by Verena Karolyi. instead of using papers where indicated on the template I used frames instead which worked really well.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

January 2012

i have been fairly busy doing layouts over the last few days. I have decided to aim for one a day and then keep them as a look back over the whole year on the layouts I have done. Some layouts wil be ones for Ct and some for challenges and some just because. so hopefully a cross section of styles and templates and kits and photos.
Every year we start
a new bird list, we live rurally and have a garden and extended garden with woodland behind, so can bird watch from in the house as well as in the garden
this one was for the following challenge
I have to then post this link back there as part of the challenge.
This uses the lovely GDS Collab kit which is free with a $10 purchases all through the month of January.
Day 3 si a layout I did as a Ct member, using
the picture i chose to use was because the colours of the kit matached it so well
the photo was of me on a climbing wall an a cruise liner, I was on a works incentive, where those of us who had one were taken on a mini break all expenses paid. Only 2 of us had a go at this climbing wall though.
Day 4 was another chalenge one, rule of thirds and I worked extremely hard with a couple of attempts to get this one right.

I have been doing PSE classes as well s the white rose is an extraction from one of my photos,.
I used Maria Designs Little Garden kit and I would say that this layout is one of my all time favourites.

For the next one i used a template by Busy Bee designs and  a kit by Flipp Designs. The colours of the kit reminded me of my yellow wedding flowers