Tuesday, 31 January 2012

end of the month already

well its the end of the month already and  as usual I havent posted for a while
so let me see if/I can do some catching up
Christine had a new kit in the shop at the end of last week, the CT did some fabulous layouts
which can be seen on the above link
these are the two I did
I think its a great kit and real value for money

I found out on Saturday that I had been accepted for another CT
i am really looking forward to working with Darlene's kits
here I one or two I have done with her kits in the past

both done using Ryan's Ride

The other main layouts are the double page showing the layouts I have done this month.
They are made using a double page layout by Andrea Gold

and i havent got the technology to put them together
the links take you to my gallery to see the double page and then to an album so you can look at each individual layout on the page.

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