Wednesday, 11 January 2012

January 2012

i have been fairly busy doing layouts over the last few days. I have decided to aim for one a day and then keep them as a look back over the whole year on the layouts I have done. Some layouts wil be ones for Ct and some for challenges and some just because. so hopefully a cross section of styles and templates and kits and photos.
Every year we start
a new bird list, we live rurally and have a garden and extended garden with woodland behind, so can bird watch from in the house as well as in the garden
this one was for the following challenge
I have to then post this link back there as part of the challenge.
This uses the lovely GDS Collab kit which is free with a $10 purchases all through the month of January.
Day 3 si a layout I did as a Ct member, using
the picture i chose to use was because the colours of the kit matached it so well
the photo was of me on a climbing wall an a cruise liner, I was on a works incentive, where those of us who had one were taken on a mini break all expenses paid. Only 2 of us had a go at this climbing wall though.
Day 4 was another chalenge one, rule of thirds and I worked extremely hard with a couple of attempts to get this one right.

I have been doing PSE classes as well s the white rose is an extraction from one of my photos,.
I used Maria Designs Little Garden kit and I would say that this layout is one of my all time favourites.

For the next one i used a template by Busy Bee designs and  a kit by Flipp Designs. The colours of the kit reminded me of my yellow wedding flowers

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