Friday, 13 January 2012

The Secret Garden

Saturday 14th January

Well this photo shows what we have been doing over the last few days- ~David has to take all his holiday by 31st Janaury so he has had a couple of days off and as the weather was clear we decided to get on with the next stage of the garden. As I look at the photo I know all the back breaking hard work on that plot is over now- now comes the fun bit- getting the beds ready and then planting up when the weather is less harsh .I so look forward to taking a photo in the same position in 4 months and 6 months and 8 months.
Meanwhile work hasnt stopped- at the right hand side of the photo we unearthed the old cold frame. so far we have cleared above ground level- now comes the hardwork of clearing out all the roots. This area is to be this years potato crop.

Thursday 12th January
Through the door at the bottom of the garden you can go through into a very large garden which was originally the kitchen garden for the old hall. Several years ago we tried to cultivate it, but the brambles and nettles beat us and it gradually became completely over run. The septic tanks and fuel tanks are through there so we had to keep it clear a little. Last year we had a g at reclaiming just enough to set up bird feeders. Well we ended up doing far more than that. i havent long to do this blog as I am needed out there to hold wire nettting for fencing off the next area.

This is the beginning of the story

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