Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Well I am really excited to show you this kit- I think the name will give it away for those of you that know me
This digital scrapbook kit is a custom design for a special teenage boy named Robbie.  Robbie loves to sing, dance and play his guitar, listen to music and enjoys going out to eat the same treats (like ice cream) that many teenagers do.  He also has a favorite hooded sweatshirt (hoodie) which was used as inspiration for this kit's color palette.

This kit as I am sure you have guessed was made especially for Robbie.
Don't you think it fantastic
these are the first two layouts I have done, this one was taken a couple of years ago, but the next one is very up to date!

thank you Rose for a fantastic kit

Saturday, 4 February 2012

February 2012

Well I have a terrible memory for passwords, had to change it yet again!!!!
Maybe if I came here everyday I might be better at this LOL

I have been having a go at a few so far this month

Journaling Challenge at GDS
well i hope thinking outside the box is okay-
my layout answered your question in 1986. I was 31 didnt have a boyfriend, partner or children and the birth of my niece making me an Auntie was a bittersweet moment, yes a bundle of joy to love but all I dreamed of was being a wife and mother- thankfully my dream came true
The journaling is short but straight to the heart.

I can remember this bittersweet feeling so well- I have empathy for single people in February and indeed on Mothers Day.
kit used is Cotton Whispers by Debra Anderson
GDS Collab Kit Challenge

this month the kit is Always

these are the layouts I did with the kit
this was for the challenge, 
My parents certainly had a lot of patience to cope with twin toddlers, a baby and a 4 year old!
and two others

the kit isnt just for Valentines day and is aptly named ALWAYS, and is great for all kinds of photos- here is one of my twin sister and I

Well my parents were certainly laughing with love when they tried to get us 4 to sit still look at the camera and smile- what the picture doesnt show is my brother has his arm round my baby sister and I have firm hold of her leg!!!