Saturday, 31 March 2012

Epic Easter

Darlene has a lovely Easter kit up in her store today, so I have done this layout and card with it.

available here

Scrapping some of my newly scanned photos

well this one is guaranteed to make you smile or go aaaahhhh
This is Robbie in about 1996 in his "school uniform"". He did two days a week at  The Dales School Nursery where lessons included intensive speech therapy, physio theraphy, hydrotherapy and occupational therapy as well as all the usual pre school skills.
This is such a quick and easy layout style to do- I loved it- just a bought stacked paper, a bought cluster, fill a mask with the photo and pop on a bit of journaling and the end result is just how I like things done. This doesnt have to be artsy or full of meaninglful journaling because one glance at this takes me back to how it was in 1996 and just how far we have come in so many ways since then.

I hope everyone was as lucky as I was in my twenties and thirties. My grandparents had died but Bill and Clarry became close friends and took me under their wing. They taught me about kindness, patience, acceptance of others and were a joy to be around. I would go round after work and watch Countdown with them, if I wanted I could join them for tea. Clarry made a lovely scrambled egg on toast with grated cheese and tomatoes added- really filling. They were a remarkable couple and were such a fantastic team.

This layout was so easy to do, cherish so aptly named was the kit I used for this layout, with a cluster frame freebie and some word art added and it was done

this is the last one for today- when looking at my old photos I found one taken by my Mum 35 years ago, ont the day my twin sister and I got our first cars- mine is the little white one a Fiat 126, Saron got a Fiat 127 as she worked at a boarding school in Scotland and had to travel along way. My brother had a green mini and my younger sister had her bike which she rode around Warwick where she was at physiotherapy college.
this one is very much a journaling layout to tell the why, when and where behind the photo.

Friday, 30 March 2012

new Ct team

Well I have just signed up for a new CT team so I am rather excited as its a designer who has awesome kits, she has just had a sale and I have loads of things to scrap with- Who- well it isnt official yet so you will have to wait  a few days to find out.
My stint at GDS is about to finish, but it wont be goodbye as I am on Les idees de Christines team. I will also be doing the shape challenge there.
My other designer is Darlene- Studio4Designworks and I am a great fan of Connie Prince so love working with her things too
As usual I have scrapped loads but just not got them on here- better turn over a new leaf in April and try my best to get Ct products and my layouts on here
winters Keep by Booland Designs

March is my birthday month and Mothers Day here in the UK and my menfolk had a lovely way of making me feel special.
font is Terminal
using the sample kit by Digilicious Designs from her 365 project

This photo was taken 40 years ago, doesnt time fly!!!
Feli Designs Ever so Softly Freebie Quickpage
Jayne Script YOFF
just loved this quick page

the good news is that I had to get oput our scanner from the loft so I could sign my contract for the new Ct and scan back in- so well I scanned lots of photos in as well so I have new things to scrap with!!

Here in the uk its mothers Day on Sunday 18th March.
Passion for Patina QP by Sunflowers Designs

my Dad died 14 years ago but I still think of him alot- here is my favourite photo of him and one of him as a little boy
Verena Designs Around the World QP1
all these and many more are here

just been up to see my Mum today so will finish with a layout of her and her grand daughters taken about 17 years ago

This quick page was ideal for this photo, just love the quick pages in this album
Sweet Love 8x8 ALBUM by Maria Designs

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Remembered my password

Well two days in a row, I might need to have a lie down!!!
I am just hopeless at remembering passwords for places or thinking up ones that will be memorable, lets see how long this one lasts

Well I think I will show you one or two more layouts. At GDS they have started putting photoshop tips in the newsletters- just love all those quick keys  ideas to make things easier. One was about copying a layer style so everything was the same- and so when I made this layout and added things to the template which was already shadowed- i copied the shadow style of one of the template elements so my added elements would have exactly the same style
the large photo was  a school one taken in the 11-14 class, and the little fun one is my Robbie being himself, sunglasses and roar of laughter included. i used a template by CSchneider from her facebook page. I then added items from the kit onto the template in the same places. I judst love the buttons in this kit and the crocheted flowers. 

I am a member of the Supreme Team at GDS, and my term of office ends at the end of March. I have really enjoyed the challenge of being a member of this team and have learned so much- i can now use PSE 8 which I couldnt do at the beginning of the challenge!! 

A holiday brochure came through the door yesterday and I have been looking through it whilst I have my coffee. Not at all sure if I will take a holiday this year- David has to take time off to be Robbie's carer whilst I go and as Richard will be moving university this year we might need spare days for David to move him to  a new area. I might just wait and see, if there are spaces for an October holiday in September , david might see if there is spare holiday rota spaces. We will of course be going on "Robbie's Holiday" in May- looks like its going to be a tradition- this will be the third year. He loves staying in the caravan, going swimming everyday and going for fish and chips or similar in Whitby, Filey and Scarborough. Depending on where Richard ends up for his MSC or work we may go to a similar holiday in a different area next year.
this holiday was to the same place but in October(way too cold wont do that again- freezing in the caravan)
to celebrate Robbies 18th birthday.

I digressed there LOL
the photos for this layout are rather indistinct, I borrowed my mums old photo scrapbook a couple of years ago and we scanned in some of the pictures so I could use them. These were all joined together so I had to crop each bit out of them. The frame is the two rings plus pear element and I started with just that and the photos, I then added the other things I really liked. I used a light paper which i blended and changed the opacity of to make it look as though it was just a faded parto f the backing paper. i love the leave scatter and the embroidered ellment at the back is used three times and merged. The photos still looked dark so i used the erase tool with small opacity and did a general erase across the  frames and surrounding elements and it really made a big difference.
is the link to 
Booland Designs shop at GDS. She has lots of winter collections- this one was Winters Heart, and Winters Edge is another of my favourites.
just been looking through my gallery at The Studio
and found a layout I had done with the Robbie photo used in the happiness layout so thought I would finish off showing that one

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Just hopeless

i am just so hopeless at keeingp this up to date, its a month since i came in and you guessed it I had forgotten my password and had to redo one etc etc
so lets try a bit of catching up
Its the last month of my time as a CT member for GDS so had better start by showing you a few layouts from there
this is the easiest way, here are some of the layouts I have done in March!
these two are made using a kit by idees de christine Kitch Kitch which is full of vibrant colours

another of Christies kits is Ecume
Barbara of Precepts and Promises did a coordinating wordart kit for this which i also like

Christine has a few kits that will be released soon so I have been working on other ones too.

Darlene has a kit about to be released this weekend so will catch up with that one soon too

GDS have a lovely collab this month called Lucky Me

Hopefully I will get back in, within a couple more days to show some more